Slips, trips and falls happen suddenly and they can cause very serious and debilitating injuries. Injuries that result from slips, trips and falls run the gamut from bruises to fractures and brain injuries. Slip, trip and fall accidents are typically caused by hazardous conditions on property. Hazardous conditions commonly encountered in New York include:

  • A defective sidewalk, street, stair, escalator or fire escape
  • Liquid or debris on a sidewalk, street, stair, floor, escalator or fire escape
  • Snow or ice on a sidewalk, street or stair
  • Improperly maintained construction sites
  • Defective Scaffolds
The firm offers a free initial consultation to people who have been injured in slip, trip and fall accidents in New York. It handles these cases on a contingency fee basis, so there is no legal fee unless a financial recovery is obtained.

The firm firm provides personal attention and many years of experience to its clilents.

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