Richard Stelnik is an avid cyclist. He rides his bike regularly when the outside temperature is greater than 50 degrees and he even rides at times when the temperature outside is in the 30s or 40s. He rides both his own bicycle as well as Citibikes, depending on where he is going.

Richard has seen bicycle accidents occur very close to him while riding his bike and he is well aware of the serious injuries that can occur in a bicycle accident.

Richard has decades of experience handling accident cases in New York. Early in his legal career he worked in-house for a large liability insurance company representing individuals and businesses that were be sued by people who claimed they were injured in accidents. Not only did Richard gain a tremendous amount of experience handling accident cases while working for the insurance company but he also learned how liability insurance companies work and think, from the inside. After a period of time, Richard realized that he would much prefer to represent people who were injured instead of representing people who were being accused of causing injuries, and who were represented by insurance company paid attorneys. So he left his in-house position at the insurance company and started his own law practice representing people who were injured in accidents. He has been representing accident victims since that time.

Richard's law office is located in lower Manhattan not far from the World Trade Center site.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in New York, give the Law Office of Richard Stelnik a call at 212-964-6430 or use the Online Contact Form to arrange for a free initial consultation.