We have all heard about recalls of defective products, but unfortunately some defective products are not taken off the market until they have already done their damage. The types of injuries caused by defective products varies, but the injuries sustained can be extremely serious. For example, defective electrical equipment, such as space heaters and hair dryers can cause fires which result in serious burn injuries or death. Defective power equipment, such as lawnmowers, snow blowers, power saws and other cutting tools can result in amputations and defective strollers and playpens can result in injuries to children.

The Law Office of Richard Stelnik represents consumers who have been injured by defective products. The firm regularly works with accident investigators, engineers, medical doctors and other professionals who assist the firm in preparing its cases.

The Law Office of Richard Stelnik offers a free initial consultation to people who have been injured due to defective products in New York. It handles these cases on a contingency fee basis, so there is no legal fee unless a financial recovery is obtained. The firm is located in lower Manhattan in New York City.

If you or someone you know has been injured due to a defective product in New York, give the Law Office of Richard Stelnik a call at 212-964-6430 or use the Online Contact Form form to arrange for a free initial consultation.