You smell smoke - you crack the door open and all you see is thick smoke. Heat blasts through the door opening. So you make a quick decision that it is time to leave - by taking the fire escape. Unfortunately, there are buildings in New York with defective fire escapes - fire escapes that either do not work at all or which do not work properly when you need them.

Defective fire escapes can have very serious consequences, including the inability to escape from a fire, or a fall from a fire escape.

In New York, building owners and others are required to comply with rules and regulations which pertain to the design, maintenance and safety of fire escapes.

The Law Office of Richard Stelnik works with investigators, engineers and other professionals who help pinpoint the cause of fire escape accidents and identify the parties who are responsible for causing them.

The firm offers a free initial consultation to people who have been injured in fire escape accidents in New York. It handles fire escape accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that no legal fee will be payable unless a financial recovery is obtained.

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