The Law Office of Richard Stelnik understands that an accident which occurs in a split second can change the life of the person involved in the accident forever - and in some instances lead to a life of continual pain and debilitation.

The Law Office of Richard Stelnik

  • has more than twenty-five years of experience handling accident cases;
  • works with medical, financial and other professionals when necessary, in order to prepare the cases it handles for trial. These experts may ultimately testify if the case goes to trial;
  • meticulously prepares the cases it handles for trial even though the majority of the accident cases it handles settle before trial;
  • handles accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that no legal fee is payable to it unless there is a financial recovery in the case;
  • works with its clients on a one to one basis to prepare their cases.
If you would like to contact the Law Office of Richard Stelnik regarding an accident,
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Some Reasons it may be Helpful to Immediately
Contact an Attorney After an Accident

Immediately contacting a qualified attorney after an accident that results in injury can serve several important purposes. First, it enables the attorney, or his investigators, to start an investigation while the facts of the accident are still fresh and susceptible to investigation. Often injured people do not act quickly and by the time they contact an attorney it may be difficult to have an appropriate investigation made to determine the cause of the incident. [The delay in acting may be understandable because the injuries may have resulted in the injured person being hospitalized. However, it is nevertheless important to act quickly.] Second, the attorney can make a determination as to whether he believes that a person or company, other than the injured person, is legally at fault for causing the incident that resulted in injury. Third, if an attorney is retained by the injured person, the attorney will be in a position to send out or file any legally required notice or pleading with the court, or send out or file any other legally required notice or claim, thereby preserving rights of the injured person to pursue a lawsuit before any applicable legal limitation period has lapsed. Lawsuits have to be commenced within certain strict time periods. If a lawsuit is not commenced within the appropriate time period, or if certain required legal notices are not sent out or filed within the appropriate time period, an injured person may be legally barred and not permitted to proceed with a lawsuit to recover for the injuries they sustained. Additionally, an attorney can advise you about who to talk to and what to say about the incident. For example, sometimes insurance companies for the person who was at fault will try to meet with the injured person, and in the process try to get the injured person to say or write something that could hurt them at the trial of their case. A qualified attorney could advise you about how to handle this type of situation.