Divorces revolve around money and emotions. When what seemed to be a solid family unit breaks down, disputes can become bitter and vindictive. Issues involving distribution of assets of the marriage, the ability of spouses to survive financially after the marriage, child custody and child support may prevail.

Frequently, issues of property distribution, spousal support, child support and child custody are settled after hard nosed negotiations between lawyers.

Financial issues commonly involve assets such as family businesses, professional licenses and prospects for future employment. At times, it may turn out that one spouse has planned to get divorced for a long time and over a period of time hid assets of the marriage. A spouse may have looted bank accounts and claimed assets of the marriage as their own. Sometimes a spouse will attempt to totally cut their spouse off from any funds whatsoever.

The Law Office of Richard Stelnik represents parties to divorce matters in New York. Richard Stelnik, Esq. has experience not only in divorce but also in related areas of law such as real estate, corporations, bank fraud and securities fraud. It is this well rounded background in matrimonial law and commercial law that distinguishes the Law Office of Richard Stelnik from some other law firms. If you are contemplating a divorce, give the Law Office of Richard Stelnik, a call at 212-964-6430 to arrange for a consultation.

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